Welcome at the Klinik Arlesheim

We are an acute-care clinic with 450 employees (about 310 FTEs, incl. assistants, trainees and apprentices). There are 82 beds in our clinic in the specialist areas of internal medicine, oncology, psychosomatics and psychiatry. We have a broad medical range for outpatient treatment with a family doctor practice, paediatric practice, gynaecology as well as an oncology day-care clinic.


Academic medicine is supplemented by the human-based approach of anthroposophy in diagnosis, treatment, care and therapy at our clinic. In addition to drug and physical therapies, eurhythmic healing and the artistic therapies play a particular role here.


Klinik Arlesheim AG was established on 1 April 2014 by the merger of the 93-year-old Ita Wegman clinic and the 50-year-old Lukas Klinik.


In 1921, Ita Wegman established the Clinical Therapeutic Institute. The name and logo were given by Rudolf Steiner. The Lukas Clinic did not yet exist at that time and Arlesheim Clinic soon became common in everyday use. From the start, patients with many different conditions were treated. This broad range has been maintained to this date. In 1971 the clinic was given the name of its founder.


In 1963 in the vicinity of the Clinical Therapeutical Institute, the Lukas Clinic was established as the Centre for Anthroposophical Tumour Therapy. From the very start, the concept of integrative oncology was pursued - the close collaboration between academic medicine and anthroposophical medicine.


The broad wealth of experience of both clinics was transferred to the new Arlesheim Clinic.