Wide experience in mistletoe therapy


The effectiveness of mistletoe therapy in the treatment of cancer is no longer disputed. Our mistletoe preparation, Iscador, has been in use for decades. We are  constantly developing it further and we have a long record of administering it successfully.


At the same time, we carry out scientific research in our immunology laboratory to check responsiveness to the therapy. This allows us to individualise our mistletoe therapy and ensures that each patient receives optimum treatment.


Latest research data shows that the body’s resistance is strengthened when a patient is given their own, finely-tuned mistletoe therapy. Mistletoe therapy can often make the immune system, including the “killer cell” system, more effective again after it has been noticeably weakened. If the dosage is carefully regulated, a patient is almost completely protected from infection and can cope better with the effects of chemotherapy. Long-term studies have also shown that uninterrupted treatment clearly improves life expectancy. These results are based on continuous and well-documented observations of individual clinical cases, carried out not only in the Lukas Klinik, but also by our partners in other European research institutes.


It is never too early to start with Iscador therapy. In many instances it will also help to alleviate the side-effects of chemotherapy.


On the homepage of HISCIA, our research institute, you will find a large archive of studies which have been conducted.