The Day Clinic: Outpatient treatment centre with 20 years experience

Susanne Bornhauser has specialist training in cancer care nursing and is the head of our day clinic.

In our day clinic you have the opportunity to receive our intensive therapies on a day to day basis. When you come to the clinic for a day, you will be seen by one of our doctors and you can make full use of the clinic's infrastructure.

The day clinic currently has 15 beds and its own reception area on the second floor. It was founded 20 years ago because of the growing need for outpatient cancer treatment. Today our day clinic offers a wide variety of orthodox and anthroposophical treatments.

A patient will often be given active endogenic hyperthermal treatments by infusion. These have an immunomodulatory effect and strengthen the patient's resistance to cancer cells. The frequency of these treatments are prescribed by your doctor.

Treatments offered by our day clinic are currently in great demand due to the range of oncological therapies requiring infusions, such as chemotherapy or antibody treatment. It is helpful to combine these treatments with art therapies, psychotherapies and physiotherapeutic options. Many patients who are undergoing treatment at the Lukas Klinik receive their chemotherapy here and reserve a whole day for this. Our competent staff also administer hormone treatments by depot injection and provide antibody therapies - for example, herceptin for breast cancer - or so-called bisphosphonates for bone metastases.

Not only do we carry out vital core therapies here, we also take accompanying measures, which can involve giving medication, to reduce or even prevent side effects. We use complementary techniques such as warming compresses of various substances, oils or bath salts and embrocations as required. Massages and physiotherapy are also options.

Most of our patients come to our clinic on a long-term basis, often over many years. The day clinic becomes an "oasis" in their daily life.