Outpatient Clinic: Consultations with our specialists

Main entrance to the Lukas Klinik and the outpatient clinic with doctors' surgeries

In our clinic, as in any other doctor's surgery, patients and their families can make an appointment with our experienced specialists in the outpatient unit. Initial consultations usually last a full hour, as this allows time for thorough investigations. Follow-up appointments are half an hour long. For patients residing in Switzerland, these consultations are covered by compulsory basic health insurance. Patients who have a restricted choice of hospitals and doctors (the general practitioner model) require a referral note from their own doctor.

Our receptionists listen carefully to your concerns, assess how urgent your case is and deal with all your paperwork. Many patients who are about to begin their Iscador treatment or who are seeking a second opinion on their illness request a consultation parallel to their planned chemotherapy, operation or radiotherapy. We understand how important it is for you to receive treatment quickly so we make every effort to arrange your appointment without delay.

Family members who would like to find out more about what treatment is available to a patient are obliged to pay for the consultation in cash. (132.- to 264.-)

Registering for a consultation