Neurology deals with illnesses of the complex human nervous system. These affect the central nervous system (i.e. the brain and spinal cord), as well as the peripheral nervous system and the connections with the musculature.


In our neurological out-patient clinic we offer various investigations and treatments under clinical neurophysiology and behavioural neurology. We combine traditional treatment methods with holistic anthroposophical treatments and medicinal plant therapy.



Common symptoms and treatments:


  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Seizure disorders or epilepsy
  • Concentration and memory disturbance e.g. attention deficit disorder (ADD) or dementia
  • Neuromuscular illnesses
  • Polyneuropathy
  • Nerve root syndrome as a result of intervertebral disc problems, lumbago or sciatica




We have a modern infrastructure for performing neurodiagnostics and offer, among other things, the following investigations and clarifications:


  • EEG (electroencephalogram)
    Brain waves are measured while the patient is both awake and asleep.
  • VEP (visual evoked potential)
    This involves measuring how quickly the optic nerve can forward a visual signal.
  • SEP (somatosensory evoked potential)
    Small electrical pulses are triggered on the ankle or wrist to measure the reaction time in the brain.
  • NLG
    Small electrical pulses are triggered on the leg or arm to measure how well and quickly the nerves can direct impulses.
  • EMG (electromyogram)
    The electrical activity of the muscles during rest periods and while in motion is measured by inserting a fine needle into a few muscles.
  • Behavioural-neurological assessment of concentration and memory performance with the help of questionnaires, reaction tests and/or memory tests.
  • Long-term video EEG monitoring
    For questions linked to unclear attacks, videos are continually recorded during a one week stay as an in-patient and brain waves are measured while the patient is both awake and asleep. Unclear attacks may also be recorded to clarify whether or not they are epileptic attacks.


Neurodiagnostic assessments can largely be performed on an out-patient basis.


During an in-patient stay in the internal medicine station in Haus Wegman it is possible to receive consultation and support from the neurology team. Long-term video monitoring is performed directly by the neurology team in the accident and emergency department in Haus Wegman.

The neurology team


Dr. med.

Siegward Elsas

Neurology specialist (D), member of the FMH

Joanna Sommerhalter

Medical practice assistant Neurodiagnostics